Perhaps the magazines endorsement of the library binding and my mention of the article in this blog influenced a few people. I dont understand exactly what they were, but I can mention what could have influenced people. However, this does not scare away potential customers because you can go to the blog of the competitors and do the same. First, I love your blog. First, the books are library discards, and collectors have always hated any kind of library discard. These days, I find it very easy to sell my extra Nancy Drew library editions. I can think of exactly two other people who also wanted the Nancy Drew library editions during the first years in which I purchased the books. The two groups were created within an hour or so of each other. On that auspicious day, a collector commented on Jenn Fishers Facebook timeline, suggesting that we needed groups in which to discuss Nancy Drew and other series books. Facebook groups make it very easy to share photos. Aaron is feeling the change probably the hardest as he is having to share his favorite Papa in the world. It was suggested to me recently that I had a lot to do with the change in opinion. The change in format helped considerably, since Trixie looks right to me. Publishing short posts more frequently is a better format than publishing lengthy articles every few weeks. Directions ASIA has just started a few hour ago. I typically paid around $2 to $4 for the average library edition back in the 2000s, although I sometimes had to pay significantly higher prices in the few cases in which someone bid aggressively on an eBay auction. I was able to purchase dozens of bulk lots containing some or many library editions during the 2000s. In the early years, I typically first offered the extra books to those two people. Here is an image that shows two of the books that recently sold on eBay. Recently, I spotted a partial cereal box with the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys promotion on eBay. Immediately thereafter, Jenn created the Nancy Drew group, and she added me and some others. I then added the photos again. I had to quit buying from Amazon because of the defects, then I couldnt find nice copies in local stores. If I am in a local store and see a book priced low that is worth a good bit more, then I will purchase it. I also tend to price my books on the low side. I would rather sell the books quickly to people who want them than try to get the highest possible price. I had to sell the extras for cheap, since nobody else wanted them. The site still exists, but it doesnt have the charm it did in 2009.) My Bonanza booth did attract a lot of attention via Google search and my relentless promotion of it in this blog. I think I sold a lot of library editions in individual listings on Bonanza beginning in 2009. Bonanza was such a pretty site. It was incredible to have a collection of rare or unique books in a widely collected series and to know that my rare or unique library editions were unwanted by nearly all other collectors. I have concerns about the viability of this new series since Barnes and Noble is not carrying it in many stores. This post was written as I read the last five books in the series. She didnt just read it - she was moved to do something. I read a very special book, Mystery of the Witchs Bridge, in June. Since much of the advice and deal making in Wall Street is directed towards capital structure solutions (recaps, leveraged transactions) and dividend policy (buybacks, special dividends), it would seem to me that what corporate finance departments at investment banks do is in direct violation of what Miller would have propounded. Books in rough shape are not worth as much.
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