Extra Life 24 Hour Stream

Posted on October 31st, 2019 09:09 PM EST

Our 24 hour Extra Life stream is fast approaching and we welcome all of you across the ARK and ATLAS communities in joining us. Let’s see what we can raise for the kids through gaming and giving with our fundraising event starting November 2nd at 9 am PST!

Live from our Seattle Studio to bring you entertainment, over 10k in giveaways from sponsors such as AMD, Alienware, MSI, Elgato, along with Collector’s Edition boxes, game keys, Discord, Nitrado vouchers, codes and more! So please tune in, whether you’re a streamer, a donator or just keen to be along for the ride, we’d love to have you! 

In the spirit of the event, we will be enabling boosted rates for all players on our Official Networks. These rates increase incrementally as each fundraising milestone is reached:

ARK: 0.5x increase on all rates across our ARK Networks for every $5000 reached up to a maximum of 8x.

ATLAS: The full rate increase breakdown can be found here[docs.google.com]

As an added incentive to raise money and awareness for a great cause, we'll be revealing unseen content from the new Genesis DLC as we inch further towards our goal. Tune in on November 2nd to find out what's in store! Gather your tribes, alliances, and stimberries and join us on an epic 24hr adventure!

If you’re feeling heroic, and want to support the event with your own stream and donation goals, sign up here [docs.google.com]and let’s raise some money! 

We’ve also launched a Discord server for our Extra Life event:  https://discord.gg/gnUFBMT
Remember to read the guidelines in the #welcome channel to get you set up to come along for the ride.

In addition to spicy challenges, contests, and in-game events, here’s what you can expect to see during the show:

Key Events
9.30 am - Extra Life Interview

10 am - Donation Incentives Breakdown

2 pm - Alienware Interview

3 pm - Games

5 pm - Discord Interview

7 am - Developer Interview

8 am - Wrap Up

Please keep in mind that exact times may vary

We look forward to seeing you all on game day as we come together for the kids! 

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