Xbox and PC Crossplay is now live!

Posted on October 9th, 2019 03:35 AM EST
Ahoy Pathfinders, let the voyage begin!

We’re excited to announce that Xbox and PC Crossplay has launched. Hoist yer sails and charter a course for the ATLAS.

The much anticipated Xbox Crossplay Launch has come ashore. All of our networks are now online: EU PvP, NA PvP, EU PvE, and EU PvP. We’d like to welcome all of our new players and extend a hearty welcome back our grizzled sea dogs returning for the fresh wipe. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It has launched Day One with crossplay support allowing Steam and Xbox to play together in the same gigantic world.
  • Complete re-bindable keyboard and mouse support for Xbox players ensures full game parity and an even playing field for all players
  • Optional single-player and private session modes, which also makes use of the new procedural “Wild Pirate Camp” system
  • There will be simultaneous updates and content pushes for both Xbox and PC ensuring the delivery of the same experience for Pathfinders on both platforms
  • We’re working on getting Unofficial servers setup for Xbox as soon as possible with Nitrado, where cross-platform can be enabled or disabled (in any direction so PC or Xbox player servers only)

For more information on the latest update and the Xbox release, check out our previous announcement:

We’ll continue to monitor feedback and suggestions and look forward to gaining insight into the perspective of our new players too.

Finally, for those of you who've yet to experience the ATLAS, pick up a copy of it on Steam today for 15% off!

Thank you me hearties

Grapeshot Games

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