Posted on August 10th, 2019 03:35 AM EST
Ahoy Pathfinders!

Our Public Test Realm is now live with our latest update, ready to be explored! This Captain’s Log will cut straight to it and provide details on how to join the fun as well as what to expect in the coming weeks ahead!

Live Stream!

First things first, at the end of the month we’ll be doing an ATLAS Developer Livestream! We’ll be announcing a date as we get closer to the time, so keep an eye out. The stream will be hosted on multiple platforms and we’ll have much to share and discuss. Make sure you’re following our pages and tune in!

We’ll also be collecting some questions from the community which we’ll be answering live. If you’ve got something on your mind, whether it’s about future development plans, upcoming content, decisions regarding features, submit your questions to this thread!

Public Test Realm

With this initial round of PTR changes, we’ll be exploring:

- Alternative map layout (note: we've not yet determined whether this layout will make it to the current existing official servers)
- In-game voice chat
- Updated Waveworks (Ocean - including the waves, and performance changes for server and client)
- Sail Cosmetic (Available at Freeport Vendors)
- Hydra Revolver (Available at Freeport Vendors)
- Miscellaneous client and server-side performance improvements

The new content that has been revealed so far won’t make it into this iteration, but we plan to get it into another.

If you want to join in on the fun, check out some new islands, and help us put these changes to the test you’ll need to switch to the PTR branch (8gb download) which we’ll go through below.

How to join the PTR

For those who want to join in on the fun, the ATLAS Public Test Realm is available to all players by opting into the Steam Beta branch. You can join the PTR by following these steps: 

1) Right click on the ATLAS game in your steam library and select "properties"
2) Select the "Beta" tab on the popup.
3) Locate publictestrealm in the drop down menu and select that.
4) Select close then launch ATLAS.

You may need to restart your Steam Clients to make sure you see the publictestrealm branch as a beta option.

We will be reopening our PTR Bug reporting channels on the Discord and here on the Forums to coincide with the launch of the PTR. Instructions on opting into the PTR Bug Report channel on the ATLAS Discord can be found in #discord_news.

Wild Pirate Encampments

We’re still working on the Encampments system, however, it needs a bit more time in the oven before it’s ready to be packaged and delivered to you. We’ll have further updates on this at a later time. For those not familiar with what the Pirate Encampments system is, you can read about it here:


Our Enforcement protocol has been expanded to include temporary bans. This means that enforcement will now include three tiers of action rather than two: Temp bans, Permabans, and HWID bans.

Whether your offence receives a temporary ban or not will be at the discretion of our Enforcement team. For the most part, temporary bans will likely be appropriate when enforcing against player misconduct, namely, chat related misconduct. Repeat offenders may receive longer bans, or in some cases, enforcement action will be escalated to permanent bans.

Moving forward, in regards to some players feeling that what they said in-game was not deserving of a permaban: We work with the overall community and within our own company guidelines to identify what disruptive behavior and misconduct are and what the consequences for those behaviors should be. If your disruptive behavior has resulted in a permaban, it was either deemed highly excessive and harmful or this is not the first time you have been informed that your actions were inappropriate and unwelcome on our network.

Please bear in mind that bans, both temporary and permanent, are seldom revoked. If you feel your ban was issued in error or seek clarification on the nature of your ban, bans can be appealed here: link to new ban appeal option

v218.24 - Fixed a case where ships would enter a broken state where it visually appears to be unanchored, but you wouldn't have been able to move it. - Releasing a ship from a shipyard now has an activation timer - Fixed a bug which would cause players to throw items out of their inventory when rapidly pressing E to equip them - End of Magic Mythos event on Official Servers - Critical Save Changes to Non-ATLAS Dedi/Blackwood which fixes the following, but may require a save wipe: Players were randomly removed from their company Companies being deleted Being unable to spawn on beds Beds not appearing on the map Ships not appearing on the map Additional info on Blackwood/Non-ATLAS Dedi changes: v218.21 - Prevented the hotbar from outlining red with broken items when at the ship wheel - Fixed a bug which prevented melee attack with weapons whilst carried by Lion - Fixed a bug which caused players to lose most control of their characters after dying to exhaustion when shovelling (was previously solved by relogging) - Fixed a bug where buoys would not provide light and be desynced on the ocean at high waves - Fixed a bug which would not allow players to change the name of the ship if they hadn't previously given it a name (this only occurred when pressing accept without naming it, rather than cancel) - Fixed a bug where the reload mini game would not take effect when mounted on creatures - Multiple Misc Blackwood Level related fixes (floating foliage, ocean water transitions, holes). v218.21 - Fixed a crash which would occur when attempting to open a Dinghy's inventory - Fixed Advanced Able Mapmaker being unlocked by the wrong skill - Fixed Ship Max Level being erroneously counted by the Shipyard's current health rather than the total health. - Fixed dedicated servers not using passwords on Blackwood - Fixed a case when searching for Blackwood servers would cause only one to list at a time - Fixed a bug where corpses with inventories would not calculate their correct weight - Fixed a bug which wouldn't allow you to select the Home Server to change to on Unofficial Networks - You can now plant an assortment of seeds in Blackwood - Fixed multiple islands on Blackwood being marked as non-buildable - Fixed a bug where beds would sometimes not function on Blackwood - Fixed Shipwrecks spawning on the coast of islands in Blackwood - Fixed multiple foliage and terrain bugs with Blackwood - Moved the 'Exit to Main Menu' button to the bottom of the pause menu options v218.15 - Fixed a client-side crash {LINK REMOVED} - Blackwood content moved to optional DLC, for those who do not plan to play it and want to save the install size (10GB): - Added multiple treasure map locations per island for Single Player and Non-Dedicated Game Modes v218.14 - Client-side fix for Treasure Map crash v218.13 - Blackwood is available! An example command line for running a dedicated Blackwood server: start ShooterGameServer.exe Blackwood? -log -server -NoSeamlessServer exit - Character and inventory import/export for Single Player and Non-Dedicated Servers (optional for hosts) - Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP, Harvest Rates and Gold! v211.32 - Further optimizations for structure replication in multiplayer networking v211.31 - Improved how servers replicate structures on ships leading to large performance gains, particularly in areas where there are many boats and many clients, such as docks and large fleet battles. - Magic Mythos has now ended on the Official Network v211.21 - Disabling the "Give Default Pathfinder Items" Option will now properly hide any cosmetic skins you've purchased or unlocked when you fast-travel/respawn (requires fast-travel/respawn to see the change if you toggle that option). - Fixed Kraken sweeping players off their ships when the ships are knocked back - Improved client performance when numerous players are nearby - Wheel Skins now work for singleplayer/host - Sunken Ship Treasure now shows you the Loot Quality at the water surface effect via floating text. - Added a new Quest: loot a 16 quality or higher sunken treasure to get the new Crab Wheel Skin - Added Shark Wheel Skin to the "Master Cartographer" Quest (get any more Discovery Zones to unlock it if you've already completed that quest) - Added Kraken Wheel Skin to the "Power of the Gods" Quest (Beat the Hard Kraken again to unlock it if you've already completed that quest) - Improved the weighting of Sunken Treasure by overall making higher quality treasure about 50% more likely to be generated, as well as boosting the max quality of sunken treasure by 15% - Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP and Harvest Rates v211.15 - You can now password protected Non Dedicated Multiplayer Servers, some notes: If the session is password protected no direct joins will work unless the person has previously successfully inputted the password If they fail to enter the password, they'll have to restart the client before they can have another chance to join. You are unable to host a Private Match at the same time as a Password Protected Session at this time. - Fixed a case where players weren't able to respawn on beds in Non Dedicated Multiplayer after transition - Fixed a bug which would cause player arms to disappear after mounting the submarine v211.0 - Non Dedicated Mode is now available v210.2 - Settlement owners can no longer raze claims on PvE. - Settlement Owners can place down multiple banks on their island, so settlers can supply it to help upkeep with gold - Settlement Owners now have the option, on Claim Flags, to prevent anyone but Company Admins from removing items from a tax bank v210.13 - Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP and Harvest Rates - Settlement Owners can now raze a settlement after first claiming it. This will destroy all structures on the island. The cost to raze will be 12k gold on PvP servers and 25k gold on PvE servers. Settlement Owners will need to wait 48 hours to be able to raze an island after claiming it. The raze option will then be available for a 24-hour window only. This option is only functional during peacetime on PvP networks.

Happy Sailing,

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