Hotfix v.551.4 and Devkit Update

Posted on September 27th, 2022 01:54 PM EST
Ahoy Pathfinders!

We’re happy to announce that the ATLAS Devkit has been updated to include all current game content. Thank you everyone who has been waiting so patiently for it! In addition, we have a small server-side hotfix for some tame data issues.



Bug Fixes
  • Fixed various issues with tames being unloaded from the Tame House, Tame Hatchery, and Tame Cargo Railings.
Devkit Update

The latest version of the ATLAS Devkit can be downloaded at the Epic Games Store:

Final Note

Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed.

As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! :)

Happy Sailing,
- ATLAS Crew

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