Patch v544.1 - An Era of Industrial Wonders begins

Posted on May 25th, 2022 07:52 PM EST
Ahoy Pathfinders!

The clouds have dissipated and the seas have calmed so the conditions are finally ideal to get this season started! Along with numerous fixes and additional content mentioned last week, we will also be including the Industrial wonder structures and buildings in this update. Pathfinders have heard rumors of new technologies that will change the shape of Atlas.

These innovations are now available for one and all to discover. Advancements in astronomy, shipbuilding, and various other areas will take Pathfinders to new lands and new heights. Join us on May 25th at 7PM PDT as we wipe the Atlas world and start a new season filled with new adventures and discoveries! As always, we appreciate all the support we’ve received form our amazing community. Until next time, happy sailing!

Released Patch Notes

In addition to the content mentioned below, this update will include the previously mentioned Season 9 patch published last week. You can read more about those changes by clicking this link:

Patch to be released 5/25/22 ~7PM PDT

New Content

Industrial Wonder Structures and Buildings

New Monuments and a fantastic new Wonder have arrived on the shores of Atlas.

Tier 2 Monument - Industrial Lab

This monument is built in two stages and they are found in the Industrial Smithy

Stage 1: Industrial Lab Foundation
Resources to build Stage 1
  • 2000 Metal
  • 1800 Brimstone
  • 800 Orichalcum
  • 800 Pure sulfur
  • 500 Crystal
Stage 2: Industrial Lab
Resources to build Stage 2
  • 2000 Wood
  • 2500 Brimstone
  • 2000 Crystal
  • 7500 Orichalcum
  • 5000 Pure Sulfur
  • 5000 Metal
Unlike the Cursed Temple, this Monument offers four externally placeable modular room locations. Players must build and place these modular room locations within shacks that are in range of the monument for them to be useable.


Industrial Shack

Resources to build Industrial Shack
  • 200 Stone
  • 300 Wood
  • 400 Metal
Industrial Vessel Studies Station

Resources to Build
  • 300 Hide
  • 400 Wood
  • 200 Fibers
Industrial Armory Station

Resources to build
  • 300 Stone
  • 250 Flint
  • 250 Brimstone
  • 400 Wood
  • 600 Metal
Industrial Astronomy Station

Resources to build
  • 200 Stone
  • 400 Wood
  • 100 Orichalcum
Industrial Culinary Station

Resources to build
  • 500 Stone
  • 200 Flint
  • 800 Wood
  • 400 Metal
Industrial Structure Studies Station

Resources to build
  • 300 Stone
  • 250 Flint
  • 125 Hide
  • 400 Wood
  • 450 Orichalcum

Tier 3 Monument- The Observatory

This Monument is built in 6 stages. With the completion of stage 6, the wonder is completed and an intelligence buff is awarded. It is built directly on top of the Tier 2 Monument. Unlike the Great Temple, this Wonder can be obtained by every Pathfinder crew.
All stages of the Observatory are built in the Industrial Structures Studies Station

Stage 1:

Resources to build Stage 1:
  • 50 Cedar Bundles
  • 50 Slate Blocks
  • 1000 Pure Sulfur
  • 1000 Orichalcum
  • 500 Crystal
Stage 2:

Resources to build Stage 2:
  • 50 Fir Bundles
  • 50 Coquina Blocks
  • 1500 Pure Sulfur
  • 1500 Orichalcum
  • 500 Crystal
Stage 3:

Resources to build Stage 3:
  • 50 Oak Bundles
  • 50 Granite Blocks
  • 2000 Pure Sulfur
  • 2000 Orichalcum
  • 500 Crystal
Stage 4:

Resources to build Stage 4:
  • 50 Pine Bundles
  • 50 Limestone Blocks
  • 2500 Pure Sulfur
  • 2500 Orichalcum
  • 1000 Crystal
  • 500 Brimstone
Stage 5:

Resources to build Stage 5:
  • 50 Poplar Bundles
  • 50 Sandstone Blocks
  • 3000 Pure Sulfur
  • 3000 Orichalcum
  • 1250 Crystal
  • 1000 Brimstone
Stage 6:

Resources to build Stage 6:
  • 50 Ironwood Bundles
  • 50 Marble Blocks
  • 3500 Pure Sulfur
  • 3500 Orichalcum
  • 1500 Crystal
  • 1500 Brimstone

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed instances where the workstation had incorrect crafting recipes.
  • Fixed instances where the Spider tame would take fall damage.
  • Fixed instances where the Cog was turning too slowly.
  • Fixed instances where the player would lose controller functionality when returning to main menu on pc.
  • Fixed instances where the fog of war would reset in single player.
  • Fixed instances where server times could be different.
  • Fixed instances where the player would change age when transferring grids.
  • Fixed instances where performance would drop when building the Cursed Temple.
  • Timeworn quality has been removed until content and bugs are fixed
  • Removed drop shadow from text on the map.
XBox Only
  • Improved memory performance
  • Improved network connection

Final Note
Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed.
As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! :)

Happy Sailing,
- ATLAS Crew

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