Patch v541.07 - Industrial Exploration Patch

Posted on April 13th, 2022 07:30 PM EST
Ahoy Pathfinders!

In this patch, we are preparing for a new era in Atlas. The winds of progress are coming to the world, bringing new structures and adventures for all pathfinders, new and old. Large plumes of smoke can be seen on the horizon, signaling the “revolution” to come.

First off, we have the much anticipated tame house being introduced in this patch. Breeders rejoice, these tame houses will make a great shelter for all your fauna friends, while significantly speeding up the breeding process.

In preparation for the new season and Wonder coming soon, the fires of the industrial forge have been stoked to produce new resources and structures for Atlas. With these metallurgical advances, the landscape of Atlas will never be the same.

Discover the origins of these new technological feats in two new regions of the Atlas map. Along with the new discoveries, these areas hold new mysteries and challenges that will test even the most seasoned pathfinder.

Lastly, as always, we are dedicated to bettering the gameplay experience with every patch. This patch has a slew of bug fixes and improvements for the game, many suggested and reported by the community. We appreciate all the support and will continue to keep the community first as we move forward to final release. Happy sailing!

Released Patch Notes
Patch to be released 4/13/22 ~7PM PDT

New Content
Tame House

Tames are getting a new place to call home! Players that tend to a lot of tames will now have a centralized structure to house and breed tames at, as well as harvest fertilizer from. It will allow players to store up to 20 quadrupedal tames of many types:
Bears, Cats, Cattle, Crocodiles, Elephants, Giraffes, Horses, Lions, Monkeys, Pigs, Rabbits, Rhinos, Shield Horns, Sheep, Tigers, and Tortugar.
After obtaining the Beastmaster 2 skill, the Tame House will be buildable at a Smithy:
125 Stone
5 Flint
65 Hide
20 Wood
40 Fibers
20 Metal
Industrial Wonder Content

With Industrial Expansion on the horizon, so comes its innovation to the Atlas. Generators to augments resources and Statues to ring in the advancement are arriving to Atlas
Industrial Generator and New Wall Variants
Industrial Generator
A new experimental generator is available to build. It burns the pure sulfur, orichalcum and brimstone you’ve been harvesting and changes the Resources around the immediate area.
It can be crafted in the Industrial Smithy
This generator introduces Sulfurized Stone and Orichalcumized Stone into the game to use in creating new walls.
Large Stone Wall Variants
With all the newly augmented resources from the industrial generator, there are old recipes that can be modified to be potentially better than ever.
Specifically, Large Stone walls and Gates with orichalcumized or sulfurized stone finishes. Their respective properties activate when Brimstone is burned in the area.
Orichalcumized Walls and Gates will provide increased impact damage protection while Sulfurized Walls and Gates will provide increased Explosive damage protection.
Tier 1 Industrial Monuments: Statues of Industry
Industrial Explorer Statue
This specific statue commemorates the pathfinders that explored unknown waters and lands first
Its image motivates you and the crew to work more efficiently on ships
Industrial Privateer Statue
A statue commemorating the privateers that paved the way for industrial improvement.
Its image inspires one to collect more xp and resources.
List of New Craftables:
  • Industrial Generator
    • Unlocked in the Metallurgy skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
      • Resources
        • 100 Brimstone
        • 175 Orichalcum
        • 150 Pure Sulfur
        • 300 Stone
      • Rituals Available
        • Burn Pure Sulfur
          • Makes rock harvesting nodes drop only sulfurized rock for a short period of time
          • Cost
            • 150 charges
            • 100 Pure Sulfur
        • Burn Orichalcum
          • Makes rock harvesting nodes drop only orichalcumized rock for a short period of time
          • Cost
            • 150 Charges
            • 100 Orichalcum
        • Burn Brimstone
          • Activates buffs on the Orichalcumized & Sulfurized Wall and Gate Variants for a short amount of time
          • Cost
            • 200 Charges
            • 150 Brimstone
  • Orichalcumized Large Stone Wall
    • Unlocked in the Esotery of Building Skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
      • Resources
        • 240 Alloy
        • 94 Fibers
        • 1176 Orichalcumized Rock
        • 420 Thatch
        • 588 Wood
  • Orichalcumized Large Stone Gate
    • Unlocked in the Esotery of Building Skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
      • Resources
        • 184 Alloy
        • 314 Fibers
        • 840 Orichalcumized Rock
        • 315 Thatch
        • 420 Wood
  • Sulfurized Large Stone Wall
    • Unlocked in the Esotery of Building Skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
      • Resources
        • 240 Alloy
        • 394 Fibers
        • 1176 Sulfurized Rock
        • 420 Thatch
        • 588 Wood
  • Sulfurized Large Stone Gate
    • Unlocked in the Esotery of Building Skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
      • Resources
        • 184 Alloy
        • 314 Fibers
        • 840 Sulfurized Rock
        • 315 Thatch
        • 420 Wood
  • Industrial Statue Base
    • Unlocked in the Metallurgy skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
      • Resources
        • 20 Brimstone
        • 40 Orichalcum
        • 60 Puresulfur
  • Industrial Statue FrameWork
    • Unlocked in the Metallurgy Skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
      • Resources
        • 200 Orichalcum
        • 200 Pure Sulfur
        • 500 Stone
        • 800 Wood
  • Industrial Explorer Statue
    • Unlocked in the Metallurgy Skill
    • Crafted in the industrial smithy
      • Resources
        • 200 Brimstone
        • 400 Orichalcum
        • 400 Pure Sulfur
        • 2500 Stone
        • 500 Wood
  • Industrial Privateer Statue
    • Unlocked in the Metallurgy Skill
    • Crafted in the industrial smithy
      • Resources
        • 200 Brimstone
        • 400 Orichalcum
        • 400 Pure Sulfur
        • 2500 Stone
        • 500 Wood
New Regions Added
There are new areas to explore in The Atlas: Trackless Waters and Unknown Depths. Like Uncharted Waters, It seems as if Industrial Machinery was left behind in these areas by pathfinders long ago.
Trackless Waters

  • A hot stretch of Islands found off the west coast of South America. There are portals available in the South America Region to reach here
Unknown Depths

  • A hidden, tundra area that could not be traveled to via normal means. This region can oddly be reached via portals found in Africa and Antarctica.
Bug Fixes
  • Industrial Hydra and Industrial Rifle are now affected by the Lucky Loader Feat
  • Fixed instances of farming structures not having areas of influence
  • Fixed instances of Cursed Armor needing multiple types of Bone Chips
  • Fixed instances of Transient nodes not moving weekly
  • Fixed instances of snapping pillars working incorrectly
  • Fixed instances of NPC Crew’s stats not updating correctly
  • Fixed instances of players losing functionality when standing on a ship while it is released
  • Fixed instances of Broadsider losing cannon functionality on logout
  • Fixed instances of wood not being able to be re-bundled
  • Fixed instances of rowing module displaying incorrect point value
  • Fixed instances of misspelling in the Carrack’s description
  • Fixed instances where the Fog of War in singleplayer wasn’t working correctly
  • Fixed instances where blueprint gunports were not doing more damage than common
  • Fixed instances where the Pegasus would sprout tentacles
  • Fixed an issue with whistling at the Turtle Ship’s emergency ladder
  • Fixed instances where the wood catwalk was not buildable
  • Fixed an issue when placing mythos in the progress table
  • Fixed the map zoom indicator in some regions
  • Fixed instances where players would contact invisible geometry inside of portals
  • Fixed various typos
  • Replaced placeholder art for tame cargo railing
  • Removed extra emergency ladder on Turtle Ship
  • Fixed instances of negative storage space in some structures
  • Fixed instances where the Sarcophagus was unable to be built
  • Fixed essence of power locations
  • Fixed visual issue of overlapping holiday vendors on freeports
Xbox Only
  • Improved memory loading / unloading
    • Additional improvements coming in the next patch
  • Single Player character deletion is working correctly
  • Multiple UI Fixes
  • Deleted Duplicate entries in skills
  • Removed the Industrial Smithy from Sulfur Pits
  • The Compass’ Glowing Essences have been modified to be more in line with the icon
  • Commodity Vendor has been added to Tortuga
  • Reverted Blueprint colors to original values, with slight adjustments for ease of reading certain colors
  • Bola is now stackable, up to 15 per stack
  • After reaching rejuvenation 3, characters will no longer age past 20 years old
  • Fixed the Descriptions of multiple items
  • The Pegasus can now turn while stationary and in reverse
Known Issues
  • Stone cannot be re-bundled
  • Breaking down bundles produces a different type of resource
  • Some error messages are not appearing
  • Industrial Statue Framework shows up as Burial Mound Framework
  • Foundation and Framework have no time limit on when it can be picked up.
  • Orichalcumized and Sulfurized Large Stone Gateways are not affected by the ‘Burn Brimstone’ ritual
  • Large Weight sails still require tuning
  • Pegasus has turning issues

Final Note
Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed.
As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! :)

Happy Sailing,
- ATLAS Crew

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