Patch v538.6 - Pegasus Patch

Posted on March 9th, 2022 08:32 PM EST
Ahoy Pathfinders!

Last week, we unveiled our roadmap for the coming year in a short video briefly detailing our goals and what's in store for Atlas. Today, we are sailing forward with new content and some much needed maintenance as we look to prepare for our exit of early access later this year. Included in this patch is a new ship, UI improvements, a map adjustment, new content, and of course, major fixes to improve the gameplay experience.

Need to transport your menagerie to a new location? Look no further than our latest vessel to join the fleet, the Pegasus. The Pegasus allows for Pathfinders to move their tames from island to island with ease. Carrying up to 30 tames, this ship can be constructed at the advanced shipyard and is a valuable addition to any crew.

In response to player feedback, we've made a few UI adjustments to clarify the journey out on the open sea. We've added indicators on modular ships to help players identify the condition of each section as well as if there are any leaks. We've also reworked the overworld map, eliminating dropdowns and making navigating the map a little easier.

We're also bringing in the new Industrial path for Wonders. With the new path, players will have new nodes to discover, new resources, new structures for harvesting, and even new weaponry for to craft - with even more content to come in future patches.

Lastly, we are continuing to make improvements based on the wonderful feedback from our community. This patch we are making significant changes for not only the PC players, but are starting to address XBox-specific issues as well. We are not done yet, and are grateful for your patience and cooperation as we continue to improve the game.

As always, we appreciate your support and ‘til next time, may your skies be clear, waters calm, and sails full in whichever way you roam.

Servers will be going down on 3/10 at around 7:00 PM Pacific Time.

Released Patch Notes

New Content:
New Modular Ship

The Pegasus
This is a new modular ship focused on transporting players’ tames.

It is a 5 length ship built in the Advanced Shipyard once players have found blueprints for it. Blueprints can be found in shipwrecks.

Unlocked in the Advanced Shipwright Skill

It comes with 6 tame railings that can store 5 tames each (30 Total).

Resources for a base version:
  • Wood - 2500
  • Thatch - 2000
  • Fibers - 2000
  • Metal - 20

New Modular Ship UI
We’ve added a popularly voted on request to the game in the form of additional UI for captains to know where leaks and damage is on their modular ships.
There are 3 stages for durability:
  • Green - Durability is good
  • Yellow - Durability is moderate
  • Red - Durability is poor
If the portion of the ship is flashing, it means this area has a leak.
We will look to make this UI element colorblind friendly in the future.

Map Menu UI Visual Revamp
The Atlas tab map UI has been revamped visually for an easier navigation of the regions. Instead of having dropdown tabs of the regions on the left, all regions available will be shown on one Overworld map. Players will be able to click and see all regions available on the overworld map. To get to the Overworld map click on the icon of the globe in the top left of your map screen.

The region the player is currently in on the Overworld map is highlighted in green.

Open Water Servers
There is a new way to traverse through the atlas’ regions besides portals. There are now intermediate open water servers that connect regions to one another. There are no islands to be found here, just open seas and the treasure and dangers that come along with it.

They are known as open waters and there are four of them within the world. They are connected through all sides of the Central Waters region. Depending on which cardinal direction the player goes through determines which region they travel to.
  • Northern Sea - North Pole, Eastern Waters, Central Waters, Western Waters
  • Eastern Sea - North Pole, Eastern Waters, Africa, Central Waters
  • Southern Sea - Central Waters, Africa, Antarctica, South America
  • Western Sea - North Pole, Central Waters, South America, Western Waters
Industrial Wonder Content
The industrial path of Wonders is slowly making its way into the Atlas. Transient and Static nodes for this path can be found and harvested exclusively within the Uncharted Sea region.

Industrial Wonder: Power Nodes
Transient Node - Geothermal Vents
This transient node is similar to the Army of the Damned ones in that they have a time limit of one week before they deplete, despawn, and respawn at a different location, but they spawn more inland.

Players will need to craft the new Ore Miner structure in order to harvest the resource of these nodes.
These transient nodes produce a new resource type of coal: Brimstone

Static Nodes
There are two variants of Industrial static nodes - Lava vents and Sulfur pits. There is no need to create a harvesting structure for either as Pathfinders who’ve traveled here have built them already, but they seem to have perished.
  • Lava Vents produce a new metal: Orichalcum.
  • Sulfur Pits produce a new type of coal: Pure Sulfur
Both of these resources are needed to craft new Industrial structures and gear now and in the future.
Lava static nodes allow players to build the Industrial Smithy.
Sulfur pit static nodes will get new crafting recipes in the future!

New Craftables
  • Ore Miner - harvests the resources of the industrial transient node only.
    • Unlocked in the Metallurgy skill.
    • Crafted in the smithy
    • Resources
      • Wood - 125
      • Thatch - 400
      • Fibers - 320
      • Metal - 360
      • Hide - 100
      • Stone - 1200
  • Industrial Smithy - The structure allows players to build Industrial Wonder specific content.
    • Unlocked in the Metallurgy Skill.
    • Crafted in the Lava Static nodes
    • Resources
      • Orichalcum - 100
      • Pure Sulfur - 60
      • Wood - 50
      • Brimstone - 50
  • Industrial Rifle - A rifle variant unique to this path that deals bleed additional damage
    • Unlocked in the Secrets of Rifle skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
    • Resources
      • Ingot - 65
      • Orichalcum - 85
      • Pure Sulfur - 32
      • Flint - 30
      • Oil - 20
  • Industrialized Hydra Pistol - A pistol variant unique to this path that deals additional bleed damage
    • Unlocked in the Revolvers skill.
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
    • Resources
      • Ingot - 35
      • Orichalcum - 45
      • Pure Sulfur - 20
      • Flint - 24
      • Oil - 12
  • Sulfurous Minni - A new ammo type that is fired out of the industrial rifle and pistol.
    • Unlocked in the Secrets of Rifle skill
    • Crafted in the Industrial Smithy
    • Resources
      • Orichalcum - 2
      • Gunpowder - 2
      • Pure Sulfur - 3
      • Brimstone - 1
Tortuga Freeport islands has been updated with new visuals.

New Holiday Content
St. Patties Day Holiday
  • Pot of Gold has been added to the holiday vendor in freeports.
  • Green Ale has been added to the holiday vendor in freeports.
New Skill
Pirates Resilience
  • Pirates Resilience will be a passive buff gained when any pathfinder achieves the ‘Veteran Explorer’ quest. This buff will cause all incoming torpor damage to be reduced by 50%.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed instances where Vendor NPCs’ purchasable item highlights worked incorrectly
  • Fixed instances where the monumental studies structure was missing collision
  • Fixed instances where the market trade system is not locating the correct trade connections
  • Fixed instances of Circular Slice not functioning with a shield equipped
  • Fixed instances where available spawn servers would not reflect the player’s current server
  • Fixed instances where the weight stat on the Turtle Ship would revert to the default value after logging off
  • Fixed instances where claim points were inaccurate
  • Fixed instances where Sea Fort towers and walls could be demolished
  • Fixed instances where sail snap points would change when a ship was released
  • Fixed instances where a duplicate sub was created when the dingy dock was full
  • Fixed instances where small sails could be placed very close to each other
  • Fixed instances where holiday structures could be placed in freeports
  • Fixed instances where the unnatural fog was not functioning
  • Fixed instances of misspelled text on Burial Mound Framework
  • Fixed instances where ship auto-pilot does not function properly
  • Fixed instances where Ships of the Damned followed the player across grids
  • Fixed instances where there was an overlapping gun port on the Turtle Ship
  • Fixed instances where the default sail on a Cog spawned at incorrect location
  • Fixed instances where the Sextant minimap would crash the client in Blackwood
  • Fixed instances where modular ships could have more sails then intended
  • Fixed instances where modular ships could exceed their intended max speed
  • Fixed instances where UI text would overlap
  • Fixed instances where PVE claim tower decay would affect surrounding structures even if it wasn’t fully built
  • Fixed instances of islands having visual inconsistencies
  • Fixed instances where discovery zones of power stones were in Rookie cove grids
  • Fixed instances of multiple forms of torpor resistance to be in-line with the description
  • Fixed instances of The Great Temple structures having incorrect health values
  • Fixed instances of UI errors
  • Fixed instances of incorrect creature spawns
  • Settlement Claim Flag UI has been edited to be more clear
  • Respawn menu UI has been edited to be more consistent
  • Crocodile’s floating position has been raised
  • Portal Art has been changed
  • Valentines’ Day and Lunar New Year items have been removed from the Holiday Vendor
  • Shield Bash and Sword Attack no longer share a cooldown
  • Large Stone Wall health has been increased to 100,000
  • Large Stone Foundation has been increased to 120,000
  • Meat has been added to the list of resources players can add to the crew silo
  • Stage progression required resources for the Great Temple has been modified to only use blocks / bundles instead of large quantities of base resources
  • Progression Table is now limited to owning company
  • Progression Table can no longer be destroyed
  • Colors for the quality of items has been shifted to be more readable
  • Modular ships sinking time has been slowed by 50%
  • Mortar and Harrier ships can now only fire if they are going under 5 knots
  • Modular ship speeds have been adjusted to be more inline with the legacy ships
  • Industrial Sea Fort buff tower has had its descriptive name changed from Industrial Generator to Industrial Tower
  • LODs have been adjusted, updated, or created for several assets
Xbox Specific
  • Fixed instances of memory leaks
  • Fixed instances of textures loading and unload incorrectly
  • Fixed instances where level of detail was not being changed correctly
  • This is a work in progress. Additional fixes and optimization coming in future patches.
Known Issues
  • Xbox Series S still has some crashes when loading large numbers of structures
  • Industrial Hydra and Industrial Rifle are not affected by the ‘Lucky Loader’ Feat
  • Portal art for returning to Rookie Cove still shows the “Atlantean Ring”
  • Portal art does not fade into the sky correctly
  • Offloading tames faces them all in the same direction
  • Lava vent node will not damage players that walk into the lava
  • Pegasus has incorrect icon

Final Note
Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed.

As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! :)

Happy Sailing,
- ATLAS Crew

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